Free Wi-Fi and Internet

Allegany County Library System provides its customers with public access computers at its 6 locations.  Because computers are so popular, the library has installed software known as "SAM" (Smart Access Manager™) that allows all computer users equal access time at each location.  Using your Library card number and PIN (Personal Identification Number), SAM keeps track of the amount of time each user is on the computer, and limits users to one (1) hour at South Cumberland and Washington Street branches,  ninety (90) minutes of use per day at George's Creek, LaVale and Westernport branches.  There is a two (2) hour limit at the Frostburg Library only, as this branch has a computer lab.  You may use your own flash drives or purchase one at the library for $10.00. Printing costs 20 cents per page.

Please read our Computer Acceptable Use Policy.

All library computers offer

  • Catalog access - Search in the library's collection
  • Internet access
  • Microsoft Office 2007 software (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Database access (find articles, biographies, encyclopedia, health info, and much more)
  • Printing (black & white only)

Wi-Fi in the library

All locations have free Wi-Fi access in public areas for all library visitors with laptops and other mobile devices.  

Connecting to the Library's Wireless Network

  • You must have a computer or other device equipped with a wireless card.
  • Using your computer's network utilities, look for the library wireless network
  • The library wireless network does not require a password to connect.
  • Check out our video for more.

Computer users must have a valid library card to use a computer.  Blocks on a patron's record or library card as a result of excess overdue fees or an expired patron record must be rectified before computer use.  Only users aged 12 and under may use the computers in the children's area.

How do I login to use a computer?

Your library card number (found under the barcode on the back of the card) and a personal identification number (PIN) enable you to access public computers.  If you have any problems or questions logging in, please see a library staff member. 

Are there time limits for use?

Computer sessions are one (1) hour at South Cumberland and Washington Street branches,  ninety (90) minutes of use per day at George's Creek, LaVale and Westernport branches.  There is a two hour limit at the Frostburg Library only, as this branch has a computer lab.  Select express machines have a 10 minute time limit.  Once you log in, a Personal Session Manager appears.  Click [Minimize] to move it to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Time Remaining tells you how much time you have in your session
  • An Inactivity Warning shows if your PC is idle for too long
  • Timeout warnings appear before your session will end.  Pay attention to these warnings to avoid losing work, as the session will automatically sloce when time is up
  • Always click [End session] when you are finished
  • Library is Closing warnings display before the library closes for the day.  All computers will turn off fifteen minutes prior to closing time.

I am visiting the area.  Can I use a computer?

"Out of town" visitors may apply for a temporary visitor's card.  Library staff members are required to view identification to verify out of town status prior to issuing the visitor's card.  If no identification can be presented, the visitor's card cannot be issued.  Computer users who are local will not be issued a visitor's card, but instead should apply for a library card.

There is a limit of 2 visitor's cards per computer user.  If a computer user comes to the library for the third day, an application for a library card must be completed.  The visitor's cards are good only through the end of business day, and cannot be reused on additional visits.  Any money put on a visitor's card must be used the day the card is issued.  The library does not refund unused money to computer users, so please plan wisely when placing money on the card.

Is there a charge for printing?  

Printing from public computers costs $.20 per page.  Payment for printing must be applied to the computer user's library card prior to printing.  Payment can be made at the circulation desk, or by using the Automatic Payment Machines (APMs) where available.  No change is given, so only add the amount of money you want to use to your account. 

Printing must be completed within the time of the user's session.  All printouts from the public computers can be picked up at the circulation desk. 

SAM displays how many pages you are about to print and will calculate the total cost.

  1. Scan your card in APM
  2. Insert dollars or coins in appropriate slots
  3. Press # when finished
  4. Take receipt

Your privacy is important to us:

SAM ensures your privacy while using the library's computers.  When you log off the Internet, SAM deletes all of the sites you visited, and also any "Favorites" and "Bookmarks".  Your printing information will also be deleted.

Viewing inappropriate content:

Although the library subscribes to software to block access to objectionable material, no filtering software is 100% effective.  The viewing of pages that display graphic sexual content is inappropriate for a public and open environment and is prohibited.  Library staff will intervene when they observe such behavior or if it is brought to their attention.