What is my PIN?

You have a PIN number:

When you register for a library card, the default PIN is the last 4 digits of your library card number.  We strongly encourage you to change the PIN in the My Account area.  The PIN is a security measure between you and the library.  Upon receiving the library card number and PIN, the system looks up the PIN on record and compares it with the received PIN.  If they match, then you are granted access.

How can I change my PIN?

  1. You can change your PIN by going to My Account
  2. Next, type in your 14-digit library card number and your default PIN (i.e. the last 4 digits of your card number) in the spaces provided.  Then click on Submit Request.
  3. Click Change PIN
  4. Type in your current PIN (the last 4 digits of the card number)
  5. Type in your new PIN in the New PIN box
  6. To confirm, type in the new PIN a second time in the Re-Enter New PIN box
  7. Click Submit Change.  A confirmation will appear when the PIN has been successfully changed.

How long may I keep library materials? 


  Loan Period Can Be Renewed Limits Overdue Fine Rate
Adult Audio Cassettes and CDs 21 days Twice   $0.20/day
Adult Music 21 days Twice   $0.20/day
Adult Books 21 days Twice   $0.20/day
Adult Paperbacks 21 days Twice   no fines
Juvenile Audio Cassettes and CDs 21 days Twice   $0.10/day
Juvenile Music 21 days Twice   $0.10/day
Juvenile Books 21 days Twice   $0.10/day
Children's Paperbacks 21 days Twice   no fines
Adult  and Children's Videos/DVDs 7 days Yes 10 per card $1.00/day
Video Games 7 days Yes 4 per card $1.00/day


21 days



no fines


Do not circulate

Do not circulate

Do not circulate

Do not circulate



How can I renew items?

    Items cannot be renewed without a library card.


    Items can be renewed at the Circulation Desk of any Allegany County Public Library branch.  Materials may be renewed without being present.


    Items can also be renewed by phone.  To renew by phone, simply contact any branch and be prepared to give the librarian your library card account number so that he/she can access your record.


    Patrons can renew books online from any computer with internet access:  

  1. Navigate to the Allegany County Library System website and click the My Account link located in the banner.
  2. Enter your library card number and pin in the designated areas.
  3. Click: Submit Request.
  4. Click: Current Loans to see the list of items you have borrowed.
  5. Click in the small box to the left of each items you wish to renew.
  6. Then click: Renew. A message will appear that your item/items have been renewed. (If you get a message "item cannot be renewed", another patron may have placed a hold on your particular book or item.)


Can I renew at another branch? 

      Patrons may renew materials at any Allegany County Library System location, including the Bookmobile.


Can I return books at any branch?  Does the library have to be open to return books?

    Library items can be returned at any branch in the Allegany County Library System, including the Bookmobile. 


    Book drops accessible from the outside of each library are available for your convenience 24 hours a day.  If a fine is owed on returned materials, patrons may pay on their next visit to the library.


What if I lose library materials?

    An overdue notice will be sent for overdue materials.  If the cost of the lost item exceeds $7.00, the patron's library card privileges will be suspended until the replacement cost is paid.  Patrons may pay replacement cost for lost material at any time. 


Are programs available for children at the library?

    The library offers a variety of programs for children of all ages.  For more information, see our Programs section.


Can I access the internet at the library?

    All  branches of the Allegany County Library System have free internet access available during regular hours of operation.  Patrons who would like to use the internet must have a valid library card.   For a library card to be valid, there must not be any fines or fees over $7.00.  


    Computer users must type their library card number and PIN number in the spaces provided on the computer's Welcome screen.  If all computers are in use, computer users may type their library card number in the space provided on the Sign Up station, where available, to place themselves in the queue for the next available computer.  


     Each patron is limited to one hour on a designated computer.   Patrons will receive three warnings on during their one hour session to alert them to their time remaining.    These will appear 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and 1 minute before the end of session time.  At the end of the one hour session, the computers will close any open applications and revert back to the Welcome screen for the next user.  Patrons are encouraged to frequently save or print their work to prevent loss when the applications close. 


     Printing is available for a cost of 20 cents per page.  Patrons must place money on their library card accounts before printing.  APMs or Automatic Payment Machines are available in the Frostburg, LaVale, South Cumberland, and Washington Street locations.  APMs allow patrons to scan their library card and then feed money into the machine.  A receipt will be generated.  At the George's Creek and Westernport locations, library staff will assist you in adding money on your library card at the circulation desk.


     Money added to library cards for printing cannot be refunded.  Please only add the amount of money that you will spend.  Money will remain on the library card account for future printing needs.


What if the library does not own the material I need?

    If you cannot find the material you need on our Library Catalog, you may request it through the Library System's Interlibrary Loan service.  To find out more, visit the Interlibrary Loans page.


Do I need a separate library card for each branch I may visit?

    Patrons do not need a separate library card for each branch of the library.  The Allegany County Library System library card will work at all locations.


How can I access my patron circulation record?

    Patrons may access their patron records 24 hours a day from the My Account link located in the banner.  Simply enter your library barcode number as it appears on the back of your library card and your PIN number in the designated areas.  You will see all books that are checked out to you, as well as their due dates. Self-renewal of books can also be done at this point. (If you get a message "item cannot be renewed", another patron may have placed a hold on your particular book or item.) In addition,  this area will display unpaid fines and bills and allow patrons to view any books requested to be put on hold. 



Can I reserve bestsellers?  How can I order a title?

    Bestsellers and other popular titles can be put on reserve, or on hold, for any patron with a library card.  To order a title you have found in the Library Catalog,  contact the librarian at the location in which you would prefer to pick up the material.  


    Items can also be placed on hold by finding the item in the Library Catalog and clicking the blue bar to the left of the item title. A small window will appear with areas to type in your library card and pin number. Choose the preferred pickup branch from the drop-down list and click: Submit Request. You will either receive a phone call that your hold has arrived at that particular branch or if you will receive an email if you have chosen email as your preferred notification.


    If you cannot locate the title in the Library Catalog, you may order the book through our Interlibrary Loan service.  This service is provided free of charge to all patrons with library cards.  Interlibrary Loan books can be ordered by searching the Marina catalog.



Can I view the library catalog from home, school, or the office?

    To view the library catalog from anywhere, simply log on to the web site: http://www.alleganycountylibrary.info  When visiting the library, just use one of the many card catalog terminals provided for your convenience.