Interlibrary Loan

Didn't find it in our library catalog?  

If the library doesn't own an item you want, you may be able to borrow it from another library system through an Interlibrary Loan in three easy steps:

  1. Login to the Marina catalog (new!)
  2. Find it!  Search for the title, author, or keywords to find what you are looking for.
  3. Get it!  Place a request for it and wait for notification from us when it arrives!

Marina is the state of Maryland's Interlibrary Loan service.  Best of all, it is a free service!  Interlibrary loan materials are checked out for 21 days at no charge with a valid Allegany County Library System library card.

Interlibrary Loan items borrowed via Marina or OCLC can be renewed.



With MARINA, Maryland’s statewide interlibrary loan service, if you have a current library card, you may submit and manage your Interlibrary Loan requests online.  Library staff can also help you locate and order materials.

Search the MARINA catalog to request an interlibrary loan online (new!)

Use this printable Quick Start Guide for help getting started!  (new!)

Some materials cannot be requested through Interlibrary Loan:

  • Books on new and bestseller lists
  • Books that have not yet been published
  • Most reference materials
  • Multiple requests for a single title
  • Photocopies of magazine or journal articles over 50 pages in length 

Audio-visual materials such as audio books, movies, and music are not available from several library systems in Maryland.  Every effort will be made to obtain the material you request where available. 


OCLC Requests:

If a title cannot be found by MARINA or if your request comes back unfilled, you may ask a library staff member about obtaining your materials from sources outside the state.

A fee of $5.00 will be charged for these requests to cover shipping costs.


For more information about Interlibrary Loan services, ask a library staff member or contact

Maryland Appel, Materials Management Coordinator

301-777-1200 x1109