Managing Your Account

About accessing your account:

Your library card number is found under the barcode on the back of your library card.  You are also given a PIN number.  Use these two numbers to access and view your library account online at any time.  Using the library card number and the PIN, you can:

  • List items you have checked out
  • See any fines or fees that you owe
  • List items you have on hold
  • Renew material you have borrowed

You have a PIN number:

When you register for a library card, the default PIN is the last 4 digits of your library card number.  We strongly encourage you to change the PIN in the My Account area.  The PIN is a security measure between you and the library.  Upon receiving the library card number and PIN, the system looks up the PIN on record and compares it with the received PIN.  If they match, then you are granted access.

How can I change my PIN?

  1. You can change your PIN by going to My Account
  2. Next, type in your 14-digit library card number and your default PIN (i.e. the last 4 digits of your card number) in the spaces provided.  Then click on Submit Request.
  3. Click Change PIN
  4. Type in your current PIN (the last 4 digits of the card number)
  5. Type in your new PIN in the New PIN box
  6. To confirm, type in the new PIN a second time in the Re-Enter New PIN box
  7. Click Submit Change.  A confirmation will appear when the PIN has been successfully changed.

Does my library card ever expire?

Patron library cards have an annual expiration date, set one year from your initial registration.  At the time of expiration, the library will verify your contact information and update your record with any changes.  All non-Maryland residents will be charged an annual fee of $10.00.  Children under 16 years of age from out of state who apply with a parent receive a free card at the time of the parent's renewal.

Why is my card blocked?

Your library account will be blocked for all activity, including computer usage on public access computers, if the account balance reaches $7.00, or if the card has expired.

How can I renew material?

There are 3 easy ways to renew your material. 

  1. In person: by visiting any ACLS branch or Bookmobile stop near you
  2. By phoning any branch or Bookmobile
  3. By going online to My Account

Note:  Overdue fines can be paid on items that have been renewed online or over the phone on your next trip to the library.  An item cannot be renewed if a patron has requested a hold on it.  There is a maximum of two (2) renewals per item.  Interlibrary Loan items cannot be renewed.