Placing a Hold Request


Can I reserve something that is checked out?  Yes!

Can I reserve something that is at another branch?  Yes!

Place a hold request!

  1. Login to the Library Catalog using your library card number and PIN
  2. Search for the item you wish to place on hold
  3. Click Request, then click Submit Request
  4. The library will notify you when the items are ready to be picked up

I'm going away on vacation.  Can I pick up my hold later?

Suspending a hold:

You can suspend your holds when you are away and are unable to pick them up.  You will keep your place in line and will continue to move towards the top of the list.  If you get to the top of the list while you are away, you will receive the first available item when you reactivate your hold.

How to suspend and reactivate holds:

  1. To suspend the hold:
  2. Go to My Account
  3. Click Requests
  4. Click Suspend next to each item you wish to suspend
  5. Select the date on the calendar that you wish to suspend the hold until

To reactivate your hold:

Follow the above steps and click on Re-activate next to each item.


Holds must be picked up within 7 days of notification.  There is a maximum of 25 holds that can be placed.

Library staff must ask for your library card number to place a hold for you.  

To protect patron privacy, library staff are prohibited from providing the title details to you over the phone when notifying that a hold is ready to pick up.